FAQs from Philly Home + Garden Show

Scott loved meeting so many of you at the Philly Home + Garden Show! He answered tons of your gardening questions and thought it would be helpful to share some of the answers here.

Here are Scott’s answers for the top five questions asked at the show:

1. What can I do about deer and other garden pests?

Create a barrier. You can use a deer fence or a chicken wire structure to keep deer out.

I suggest adding 3/4″ crushed stone below the perimeter of your raised beds to keep animals from being able to dig under your beds. The stone should be about a foot deep.

You can have a combination of a deer fence, chicken wire structure, and a crushed stone base. That should cover most pest problems in this area.

2. When should I plant my vegetable garden?

If you are growing your own seedlings, you should start the seeds in late February/early March.

Cold hardy vegetables, such as kale and spinach, can be planted now if they have been hardened off. To harden off plants that have been grown inside, put them outside during the day and bring them in at night for a few days.

Any other plants, such as peppers, tomatoes, and squash, should be planted in between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Keep an eye on the weather and be sure to wait until after the last frost. Do your research, though, since each plant is different.

3. What should I grow in my vegetable garden?

You should always grow vegetables and herbs that you want to eat and know how to cook.

I suggest that you start small. Grow a few varieties the first year and learn as much as you can about them. Soon enough, you’ll know when to plant them, when they’re ripe, and how to harvest. You can then gradually add more types of plants each season.

4. Where can I buy a greenhouse like yours?

Lots of people were disappointed that I wasn’t selling greenhouses at the show. If you’re interested in buying a small greenhouse for your property, you can search online for a hobby greenhouse. It doesn’t have to break the bank – there are lots of options for under $100! The greenhouse I had at the show is from Ogrow. You can buy it directly from them, or from Amazon, Kohl’s, or Wal-Mart.

A few of the people who were interested in the greenhouse are educators looking to teach kids about growing food. A small greenhouse is a great addition for a school. Now (early March) is the perfect time to start seeds. Students can watch the seedlings grow and bring them home when they’re ready to plant in the ground (or a container). If you have additional questions about teaching kids about growing food, please feel free to reach out to us. I am also available for school assemblies and other educational speaking opportunities.

5. How much space do I need for my garden?

One of the things I was trying to show at the Philly Home + Garden Show is that you don’t need a ton of space to grow your own food. For those who have a small yard, you can use a small raised bed or two. I am able to build custom raised beds for any space. For those who have a balcony or patio, I suggest growing container gardens. You can use large flower pots or window boxes.

Many people approached our booth saying, “I can’t have a vegetable garden, because…” and we tried to change their minds. If you want to have a garden, let us help show you that it is possible.

Do you have gardening questions? Comment below and we’ll answer them for you!

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