Handouts from Philly Home + Garden Show

Our handouts from the Philly Home + Garden Show were flying off the shelves – we ran out on the second day of the show! Since they were so popular, we decided to upload them here for everyone to see.

Attracting Bees Handout

This is a quick reference guide for ways you can attract bees to your vegetable garden to help with pollination. This handout offers seven quick and easy ideas you can start incorporating this year. Scott is available to install pollinator gardens if you’re interested!

Natural Pest Remedies Handout

This handout lists plants that you can grow in your garden that deter certain bugs that will harm your vegetable plants. Another great, natural way to keep harmful bugs out of your garden is to attract birds that eat bugs. This handout also lists plants you can grow that will attract bug-eating birds. If you would like a garden designed and installed using these plants, contact us today!

The handouts below offer growing tips, harvesting tips, storing tips, and our original recipes for four popular plants to grow in your garden. Scott can help design and install a vegetable garden for you and also builds custom raised beds. Contact us for more information.

Tomato Growing Tips and Recipes Handout

Pepper Growing Tips and Recipes Handout

Butternut Squash Growing Tips and Recipes Handout

Beet Growing Tips and Recipes Handout

We hope you find these handouts useful! Please feel free to comment with any questions.

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